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BavirAx-SDS is a powerful biocidal formulation with Synergistic action and has been formulated with advanced technology & expertise for faster biocidal action.

BavirAx-SDS starts to work immediately once it is in solution and regenerates the active ingredients to deliver an additional level of disinfecting power.

Potassium monopersulphate Compound: 49.8% w/w
Containing Triple salt
Potassium Monopersulphate
Potassium Hydrogensulphate
Potassium Sulphate
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate: 5% w/w
Excipients: QS

How Does BavirAx-SDS act?
BavirAx-SDS uses molecular chlorine to generate hypochlorites that destroyes the bacteria and fungus immediately.
Potassium monopersulphate, a powerful oxidiser regenerates active chlorine through Sodium Dichloro isocyanurate for destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi.
The Synergistic Disinfectant system in BavirAx-SDS combines oxidizing properties with a surfactant in acidic conditions to break down viral and bacterial proteins resulting in enzyme inhibition and destruction of virus particles and bacterial cells.

Why BavirAx-SDS: Faster, Safer & Broadspectrum Disinfection
Destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi
Highly effective against a wide range of organisms including Newcastle Disease Virus, Avian Influenza, Coronavirus, FMD, Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli

Fast-acting formulation
Advanced chemical formulation destroys microbes under 10 minutes sustaining the biocidal action by regeneration of stabilised non-gaseous chlorine in a mildly acid solution.

High potency and temperature stability
Proven efficacious even at exceptionally high dilutions with all microbes destroyed by a 1% solution. Unlike some other disinfectants this efficacy remains undiminished at all environmental temperatures.

Easy, convenient and versatile
BavirAx-SDS rapidly dissolves in hard or soft water and can be used on all surfaces regardless of pH. And it is suitable for use for sanitising water systems, in the presence of organic matter, and with all modern disinfection apparatus including spraying, misting and fogging equipment for aerial disinfection
Use with confidence in the farm environment
Farmers can use BavirAx-SDS with confidence in poultry, cattle, equine and other farm animals to help provide a disease free environment. It is non-tainting, leaves no unsightly residues and is entirely bio-degradable.

Unlike some other disinfectants BavirAx-SDS does not contain ingredients which are known to be corrosive to farm buildings and equipment. Therefore BavirAx-SDS can be used confidently at all recommended concentrations.

Synergistic Combination
Rapid Biocidal Action
Broadspectrum in activity
Effective in the presence of Organic Matter
Effective in a wide range of pH
User friendly Formulation

Usage Recommendations:
Terminal Disinfection: 5 gm per Litre of water
Aerial spray (Fogging) in presence of birds/animals: 5 gm per Litre of water
Water sanitation: 1 gm per 10 Litres of water
Water sanitation during disease outbreak: 1 gm per 5 Litres of water
Disinfection of eggs in poultry: 5-10 gm per Litre of water
Hatchery Spray / Mop: 5 gm per Litre of water

Presentation: 500 gm, 1 kg

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