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BioClear is a probiotic granular formulation impregnated in Hydrated Sodium Allumino Silicate (HSAS) for use in Aquaculture Ponds. BioClear is unique with probiotics in HSAS base and is beneficial with several end uses in aquaculture. HSAS present in BioClear are three-dimensional, microporous, crystalline solids with well-defined structures that contain aluminum, silicon, oxygen in their regular framework with probiotics located in the pores.

BioClear as a substrate in a biological filter removes toxicity of ammonia by way of bacterial breakdown of sediment waste.
BioClear allows users to have as an excellent medium for the removal of toxic ammonia by way of ion exchange as a filter.
BioClear helps better aquatic animal growth and prevents pond to be contaminated with harmful substances which are antagonistic to fish, prawn and shrimp growth.
BioClear solves the problem of harmful toxic elements in the pond bottom.
BioClear is having exceptional capability of heterotrophic degradation of a wide array of nitrogen and carbon sources.
BioClear also controls toxic ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and foul odors while degrading general wastes in soil.
BioClear is a safe non-hazardous, nontoxic, economical solution to health problems in aquaculture pond environment of shrimp, prawn and fish.

Creates a probiotic farming environment.
Speeds up the natural process of waste degradation.
Liquefies dead cell of phytoplankton and left over feed.
Controls proliferation of pathogenic vibrio and other bacteria.
Balances proper pH during day and night.
Eliminates toxic gases (i.e. ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulfide).
Works in fresh and salt water.
Safe and beneficial for shrimp and phytoplankton.
No residue and is environmental friendly.

Hydrated Sodium Allumino Silicate (HSAS) granules providing concentrated probiotics - Bacillus sp., Nitrosomonas sp, Nitrobacter sp., Cellulomonas sp., Acetobacter sp.

Aquaculture Feed Application: 5 gm to 10 gm per 1.0 kg of feed
Aquaculture Pond Application:
5 kg to 10 kg per Acre or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

Presentation: 10 kg

For Servicing Aquaculture Industry (Including Academic and Research Institutions, Universities etc.)

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