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Bacteria are nature's recyclers. They have the ability to degrade an astonishing number of compounds, due to their evolution in myriad locations over millions of years, enhancing their suitability for a large variety of natural and manmade systems.

In typical Aquaculture ponds, massive amounts of dissolved organic matter leach out from the rich feeds. These organic compounds exert a selection pressure favoring a few fast growing bacteria. These bacteria become dominant and reduce bacterial diversity. The result is a proliferation of unstable microbial communities unable to digest the organic load. Since the organic load settle at the bottom of these ponds, conditions lead to the accumulation of toxic substances formed by the incomplete degradation of organic matter. In time, deterioration of culture water affects the pond's productivity by reducing its carrying capacity and increasing its susceptibility to stress and disease. Sludge develops, algae become overabundant, oxygen becomes limited, and the incidence of disease and stunted growth increases, and mortality rates soar.

BioRemid-Aqua is a proprietary blend of highly concentrated carefully selected, non-pathogenic, cost-effective and naturally occurring microorganisms - Bacillus SP., Nitrosomonas sp., Nitrobacter sp., Aerobacter sp., Cellulomonas sp., and biochemical accelerators with high enzyme activity of Lipase, Hemicellulase, Lactase, Proteases, Amylase when added to aquatic systems attack, degrade, and liquefy fecal mass, undigested food and other organics that contribute to conditions unacceptable to good aquatic system management and production. There are up to 76 different strains of bacteria in BioRemid-Aqua.

Combinations of species often provide a more powerful and complete degradation of specific pollutants than individual strains applied alone, because the by-products of one species often serve as another species food. BioRemid-Aqua is a correctly balanced formula of bacterial strains, can use this synergistic effect to completely break down pollutants to non-toxic by-products such as carbon dioxide, water and sulfate.

Each strain of BioRemid-Aqua bacteria has been specially adapted to prefer specific difficult-to-degrade wastes.
BioRemid-Aqua formulations are manufactured in dry media and have a 97% reactivation rate with rapid reproduction levels reached within 5 hours after application within their shelf life, which is up to two years.

The selected, pre-adapted microorganisms in BioRemid-Aqua are more aggressive than most pathogenic strains of bacteria, already in the water. The technology behind this formulation constitutes Neospark's competitive edge in evolving a most versatile formulation available for use in Aquaculture.

The bacterial technology involved in BioRemid-Aqua is developed to improve water quality in aquaculture Farms and Ponds, where maximum density and minimal water changes are present.

Bacteria in BioRemid-Aqua produce enzymes that allow them to break up complex compounds into pieces that can enter the cell to be used for growth and reproduction. When added to water, the bacteria attach themselves to solid particles, whether floating in the water or settled on the bottom, and secrete enzymes which decompose the particles. Certain dissolved compounds, such as ammonia and sulfide, are absorbed directly into the cell.

The frequency with which water changes should be made depends on the normal water chemistry requirements of the species being raised and the degree to which the ideal water quality parameter can be maintained without additional water. Acidity and alkalinity (pH) evaporation, salinity, and other factors should be considered. A pond, which would normally require a complete water change may only need a partial water change after a treatment program with BioRemid-Aqua is implemented.

BioRemid-Aquaincludes waste degrading strains to reduce organic loadings in the water column, preventing a buildup of sludge on the pond bottom. When BioRemid-Aqua formula is used, the nutrients dropping to the pond bottom are so reduced that the anaerobic sludge dwelling vibrio bacteria is unable to form toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. BioRemid-Aqua formula can reduce pathogenic microbes due to antagonism and also eliminates the luminescent bacterial problems.

BioRemid-Aqua which also containsNitrosomonas degrades ammonia to nitrite and Nitrobacter degrades nitrite to nitrate in the aerobic environment of the water column, and to nitrogen gas in the anaerobic environment of the bottom sludge or gravel.

BioRemid Aqua helps Aquaculture operation in these important areas:
Degrade suspended / settleable fecal, concentrated food solids and organic particles.
Decomposes organic sludge (including excess feed, dead plankton, excreta)
Prevents and treats large, benthic, filamentous algae
Prevents and treats organic bubbles and floating clumps (resulting from dead planktons)
Prevents pond bottom from deterioration
Promotes growth rate and production
Prevents and treats over blooming of algae
Reduces occurrence of disease
Oxidize ammonia to nitrite
Help convert nitrite to nitrate
Reduce BOD, Total Volatile Solids, COD, and Conductivity

BioRemid-Aqua will help in:
Allowing higher stocking rates
Increased survival
Improvement in feed conversion
Reduced days to market weight
Reduced expensive labor costs
Increased market weights
Reduced off flavored end product
Restores healthy pond bottom for succeeding crop and hence promote sustainable aquaculture development


Proprietary Blend of probiotics contains Bacillus sp., Nitrosomonas sp., Nitrobacter sp., Aerobacter sp., Cellulomonas sp., and with high enzyme activity of Lipase, Hemicellulase, Lactase, Protease, Amylase etc.

Usage indications:
For use in Aquaculture Feeds: 5-10 gm / kg feed

For use in Aquaculture Ponds:
Shrimp Ponds:

Broad suggested levels of BioRemid-Aqua usage vs. stocking density per Sq. Meter per Acre

Shrimp Culture Period Up to 10 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
11 to 20 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
21 to 30 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
31 to 40 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
41 to 50 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
51 to 75 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
76 to 100 PCS/M2
Quantity per Acre
3 to 5 days before stocking 300 gm 500 gm  500 gm 1000 gm  1500 gm  2000 gm  2000 gm
15 days after stocking  200 gm 300 gm 400 gm 500 gm 600 gm 1000 gm 1200 gm
30 days after stocking  250 gm 350 gm  500 gm 700 gm  800 gm 1200 gm 1500 gm
45 days after stocking  300 gm 400 gm  600 gm 700 gm 800 gm 1200 gm 1500 gm
60 days after stocking 350 gm 500 gm  700 gm 800 gm  950 gm 1300 gm 1700 gm
75 days after stocking  400 gm 650 gm  800 gm 900 gm 1000 gm 1400 gm 1800 gm
90 days after stocking  450 gm 750 gm  900 gm 1000 gm  1200 gm 1500 gm 1900 gm
105 days after stocking  500 gm 850 gm  1000 gm 1000 gm 1200 gm 1500 gm 2000 gm
120 days after stocking 500 gm 950 gm 1000 gm 1000 gm 1000 gm 1000 gm 1500 gm
Total  3250 gm 5250 gm 6400 gm 7500 gm  9000 gm 12000 gm 15000 gm

Fish Pond: 100-200 gm / acre

The dosage is dependent on the pollution level, the waste volume and the stocking density or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.The application process of BioRemid-Aqua is a simple on-site process which results in the controlled, low cost production of many trillions of CFU of water probiotic bacteria in Aquaculture ponds.

BioRemid-Aqua is a dry powder formulation and prior to the application, mix the required quantity in around 100 lit. of water, stir the mixture evenly every 5 minutes for 30 minutes and spread the mixture evenly over the ponds surface.

Presentation: 500 gm and 1.0 kg Sachets.

Zootechnical Feed Additive for use in Aquaculture

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