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BroSpark is a potent brominated disinfectant formulation with broad spectrum activity giving protection against virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and filamentous algae in Aquaculture ponds. Brominated chemicals are extensively used world-over to prevent formation of mixed algal bed at the bottom of Aquaculture pond.

Properties of BroSpark
BroSpark prevents over reproduction of green and blue green algae and sanitizes the water.
BroSpark does not irritate the body surface but cleans up red gills, viscous gills, yellow gills etc. and
     cleans the body of shrimp, prawn and fish.
BroSpark helps in moulting, cleans up antenna rot, gill rot and tail rot in shrimp and prawn.
BroSpark does not alter the water parameters, especially Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) levels.
BroSpark is effective over a wide pH range (6-10).

BroSpark penetrates rapidly into the bottom sediment and unites with many elements resulting bleachingaction on benthic microbes. It makes away the pathogenic microbes from shrimp, prawn and fish at the bottom of the aquaculture ponds.

BroSpark is effective to control microbial, fungal and algal growth in aquaculture water systems such as tanks, water pipes and other equipment both in the hatcheries and in farms.

Advantages of BroSpark:
Quick kill micro biocide.
Broad-spectrum bactericide, fungicide and algaecide.
Effective in controlling filamentous algae.
Easy to handle and apply.
Effective in alkaline waters of both fresh and brackish water.
Effective in nitrogen containing water.
Does not affect the water parameters.

Tetradecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide : 10%
Alkylbenzyldimethyl ammonium chloride : 5%
Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates : 5%
Stabilizers and Diluents Q.S. to 100%.

Usage levels:
Shrimp ponds:
For Juveniles till 8-10 gm size:
1.0 lit per Acre

Above 10 gm size:
2.0 lit per Acre

Fish ponds:
500 ml to 1.0 lit per Acre
or advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

Application procedure:
Add required quantity of BroSpark in water outside the pond in a clean container and then spray uniformly throughout the pond.

Presentation: 1.0 lit and 5.0 lit
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