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ChloraSan T is a powder containing Chloramine-T (Sodium-N-Chloro-Para- Toluene Sulfonamide) which is a broad spectrum, fast acting ideal disinfectant for use in various poultry and livestock operations.

Features of ChloraSan-T
Extremely powerful disinfectant
Fast acting
Effective against all known virus, bacteria and fungi
Active even at low concentrations
Excellent storage stability
Inertness towards equipments
Highly biodegradable
No development of resistance

Mode of Action
ChloraSan-T powder ionizes when dissolved in water and gives rise to Chloramine-T ion which reacts with any organic material, quickly destroying micro-organisms by oxidising their cell contents. Chloramine-T acts by way of oxidation and hence microbes never build resistance to it. Chloramine-T ion is highly stable which is responsible for its biocidal activity for considerable long period of time.

Spectrum of activity
In solution ionizes to form the active Chloramine-T ion. Pathogens are rapidly destroyed by irreversible oxidation of cell contents. ChloraSan-T is effective against 94 species of bacteria, 49 species of virus, 22 species of fungi, 6 species of algae, 4 species of yeast and parasites that affect animal health.

Usage in poultry operations
Indication Dosage
Spraying in presence of birds for
routine disinfection.
3 g / lit
Spraying in presence of birds
during disease outbreaks
5 g / lit
Terminal disinfection 5-10 g /lit
Spraying in presence of birds
during severe viral infection (IBD)
50 g / lit
Disinfection of equipment 5-10 g / lit
Sanitation of hatching eggs 5 g / lit

Presentation: 100 gm and 500 gm

Avoid contact of powder with skin, eyes or the respiratory system. Handle in such a way as to minimize dust release.
Do not mix with other chemicals. In case of skin/eye contact flush immediately with plenty of water. Seek medical advice.

Store in tightly closed containers in a cool dry place away from children. Sweep up powder spillage. Flush residual powder away with plenty of water.
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