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When ammonia and nitrite hit your shrimp and fish, they can seriously impair their health and productivity. The performance of your farm is at risk. Now you have the solution through CuraMid by Neospark. For a complete protection, CuraMid combines selected probiotics and bio-activators, together with specific enzymes promoting the transformation of ammonia to non-toxic nitrate-nitrogen. CuraMid is specially designed for aquaculture sector to reduce incidence of diseases and mortality. Your shrimp and fish stay safe throughout the crop period by use of CuraMid.

CuraMid is a novel water and soil probiotic formulations for use in shrimp, prawn and fish ponds to completely break down ammonia and other toxic pollutants.

Limits the development of undesirable gases in the pond.
Maintains the health status and improves performance of shrimp and fish.

Reduction of sludge accumulation.
Reduction of ammonia and nitrite.
Promotion of a healthy algal bloom.
Restores healthy pond bottom.
Increased survival and growth.
Improvement in feed conversion.
Reduced off flavored end product.
Perfectly formulated.

Nitrifying bacteria of CuraMid play an integral role in the nitrogen cycle in ponds as they are responsible for the biological filtration of toxic ammonia and nitrite that is created from shrimp and fish waste and other organic matter. During the nitrification process, ammonia is converted to nitrite by Nitrosomonas and nitrite is then converted into nitrate by Nitrobacter.

Provides appropriate quantities of Nitrosomonas sp., Nitrobacter sp., Bacillus sp., Aerobacter sp., Cellulomonas sp fortified with bio-active compounds.

Dosage Schedule:
Dosage is highly dependent on the pollution level, the waste volume and the stocking density.

Fish ponds: 12-24 cakes/acre based on days of culture (DOC) or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

Application Procedure: Broadcast the suggested CuraMid pond cakes throughout the pond (which results in the controlled, low cost production of many trillions of CFU of water probiotic bacteria in Aquaculture ponds).

40 gm x 24 cakes.

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