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GasoRid-FS-Aqua is an all-natural product containing selected glycocomponents from the Yucca schidigera plant, Microencapsulated enzymes and Bacillus subtilis. Sarsaponin, one of the steroid saponin compounds in the extract of the Yucca schidigera plant, reduces free ammonia levels.

Ammonia is a product of nitrogen metabolism in both shrimp and microorganisms. Its accumulation results in poor growth and feed efficiency due to the need for energy-requiring mechanisms to remove the ammonia. In addition, toxic levels of the un-ionized ammonia (NH3) are not uncommon, particularly when pond pH is high and dissolved Oxygen concentration low.

GasoRid-FS-Aqua added to intensive prawn culture ponds and Fish culture resulted in marked improvements in production and profit. The most profitable treatment was addition of the GasoRid-FS-Aqua beginning day 61 with additional treatments at 15 day intervals till harvest eventhough ammonia accumulation continues throughout the growth cycle with increasingly toxic effects.

GasoRid-FS-Aqua is also used to speed waste decomposition in lagoons and slurry pits by stimulating microbial activity and to reduce ammonia and other odors arising from the lagoon. High ammonia levels can build to levels toxic to waste decomposing bacteria, which indirectly leads to further stagnation of the lagoon. GasoRid-FS-Aqua helps liquefy waste and accelerates the microbiological processes in the waste water in pits and lagoons and Aquaculture ponds.

GasoRid-FS-Aqua - Indications:
Ammonia buildup in Aquaculture creates many hazards like:
Poor Feed conversion
Poor Growth
Increased susceptibility to diseases
Reduced breeding performance

GasoRid-FS-Aqua - Benefits:
Reduces incidence of BOD and COD due to decrease of Ammonia content in pond water
Increases the availability of dissolved Oxygen in pond water.


GasoRid-FS-Aqua contains extract of Yucca schidigera plant (Sarsaponin), Microencapsulated enzymes and Bacillus subtilis: 30%

Usage Levels:
100 to 200 gm of GasoRid-FS-Aqua per acre of pond

Presentation: 100 gm, 500 gm and 1.0 kg containers

For Servicing Aquaculture Industry (Including Academic and Research Institutions, Universities etc.)

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