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In aquaculture ponds the major metabolic toxic waste product Reduction of excessive nutrient in the pond of shrimp and fish is hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.

HumiGard controls Hydrogen Sulfide, ammonia and foul odours while degrading general wastes in aquaculture pond bottom soil.

HumiGard contains naturally occurring gram-negative, facultative chemolithotrophic- heterotrophic strains of Thiobacillus sp, capable of oxidizing sulfide, thiosulfate and strains of gram-positive, spore-forming Bacillus sp. capable of oxidizing sulfide and denitrifying too in the aquaculture pond bottom.

HumiGard is also capable of heterotrophic degradation of a wide array of carbon sources. All of the strains in this formula can utilize carbon dioxide as a carbon source.

HumiGard is effective in a wide range of pH and temperature. HumiGard is work in tough environment conditions and also in freshwater and marine aquaculture ponds.

Prevention of black soil formation.
Reduction of ammonia, nitrite and Hydrogen Sulfide.
Restoration of pond bottom.
Rejuvenation of soil quality.
Improvement of both survival and growth.

Reduction of odour
Reduction of excessive nutrient in the pond
Reduction of sludge accumulation
Reduction of BOD and COD
Reduction of levels of organic matter
Reduction of turbidity by degrading the sludge at the bottom
Reduction of the risks of disease occurrence and outbreaks

Provides a concentrated blend of Soil Probiotics Thiobacillus sp. and Bacillus sp.

Dosage :
Shrimp/Prawn/Fish ponds: 12-18 cakes/acre or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

40 gm x 24 cakes

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