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KloSant delivers Chlorine Dioxide which is a versatile tool in the general management of aquaculture operations is active against numerous pathogenic viruses, bacteria, certain algae, protozoan, fungal (microsporidian) spore-formers and endogenous bacterial spores. KloSant provides 10% of Chlorine Dioxide.

KloSant – Three basic area of activity

Absorption of the KloSant by the cell wall
Penetration of the KloSant into the cell protoplasm
Reaction of KloSant with one or more of the cell’s constituents

600 gm of KloSant in 1 lit of water delivers 1,00,000 ppm of Chlorine Dioxide.
Usage Instructions
Reservoir water: 6 to 12 kg / acre
Shrimp / Fish pond: 600 gm to 2.4 kg / acre or advised by Aquaculture Consultant.
Procedure for dilution
KloSant is diluted and prepared on-site whenever desired. The following is the dilution procedure.

Dissolve 600 gm of KloSant in 25 lit of clean water for the dilution.
Allow 10 minutes to dissolve and the solution turns dark yellow to lemon yellow in colour.
Mix required quantity of water to dilute and then spray uniformly throughout the pond.

Key Benefits    

Highly potent andinactivates even spore forms
Effective at much lower doses
Excellent biofilm removing property
Requires less contact time
Active over wide range of pH and salinity
2.5 times more potent than chlorine
Does not generate any harmful by-products
Highly biodegradable
Safety and Quality = Value

KloSant is to be used immediately once the pack is opened.
KloSant should not be stored after partial use once the pack is opened for further use.
Store in a cool dry place and protect from direct sunlight.
Presentation: 600 gm

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