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Premium Blend Organic Trace Minerals….

For Improved Fertility and Productivity in Ruminants


Each 10 ml contains

Copper 15000 mcg
Cobalt 9000 mcg
Zinc 15000 mcg
Iron 10000 mcg
Iodine 3600 mcg
Selenium 6000 mcg

Role of Organic Trace Minerals:
Copper is essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin. It is a component of various essential enzymes required for normal wool, hair, skin and bone metabolism.

Cobalt is involved in the synthesis of Vitamin B12 and red cell production in ruminants.

Zinc is an integral part of certain enzymes required for blood bicarbonate and insulin production, protein metabolism, vision and skin growth.

Iodine is involved in the production and action of thyroxine in the thyroid gland.

Selenium has antioxidant and immunomodulatory activities. It regulates thyroid hormone metabolism and enhances fertility in animals.

Maximum bioavailability of minerals
Improves conception and calving rate in cattle
Increases tupping and lambing percentage in sheep
Healthy offspring
Improves milk production in cattle and wool production in sheep

Administration and Dosage:
For oral use only. Shake the container well before use.

Cattle, Buffaloes and Camels:
15-30 ml administered as a drench.

Calves, Sheep and Goat:
5-10 ml administered as a drench.

As a Supportive:
Administered orally for 3-5 days immediately after anthelmintic therapy to enhance the productivity in Cattle, Buffaloes, Calves, Sheep and Goat.

Regular Usage:
In conditions like depressed growth, rough hair coat, change of wool colour, nervous disorder (Sway back), low fertility, skin lesions (Parakeratosis), reduced appetite MicroPower is administered orally for 3-4 weeks daily or as advised by Veterinarian.

In sheep, levels of copper in liver are variable. Hence there is a risk of copper poisoning following overdosage in sheep.

250 ml and 1 litre


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