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PBYemPBM is a unique blend of Chemolithoautotrophic and Heterotrophic probiotic strains for ensuring a healthy pond bottom environment.

In aquaculture ponds, maintaining a balance of critical parameters is a fundamental requirement achieved through reduction of various stress factors and to enable successful aquaculture operations. Some such critical parameter in shrimp and fish aquaculture are increase in emissions of nitrogenous wastes (NH3, NO2, NO3) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which can cause damage to the health of aquatic species and ecosystems.

  • Higher levels of Ammonia (NH3) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are toxic to shrimp and fish and can cause rapid and massive mortalities in aquaculture ponds.
  • Some of the studies have confirmed that as low as 0.05 ppm H2S concentration in aquaculture ponds can lead to mortality of 50% of the shrimp population in just 4 days.
  • H2S concentrations of only 0.001 ppm causes chronic toxicity to fish and is considered the danger limit of organisms such as shrimp and fish in aquaculture ponds.
Whenever conditions in the pond bottom sludge become anaerobic, hydrogen sulfide begins to build due to the action of naturally-occurring, native sulfide-reducing bacteria (SRB). SRB uses sulfate, which is abundant in seawater and organic matter in the pond bottom such as uneaten food, excreta etc. PBYemPBM is a unique formulation to answer all these stressors.

  • The probiotics in PBYemPBM are versatile strains, capable of degrading diverse toxic compounds through their multiple metabolic pathways.
  • PBYemPBM is effective in oxidizing H2S in aquaculture pond bottom for the wellbeing of aquatic animals.
  • PBYemPBM combats problems found in sludge at the bottom of shrimp and fish aquaculture ponds, particularly sulfides, ammonia, nitrates and other sources of odor and pollution, while increasing the rate of denitrification in the pond bottom.
  • PBYemPBM is very effective in both aerobic and anaerobic pond conditions.
  • PBYemPBM helps to improve survival, growth, weight gain, yield and FCR in aquatic animals.
Unique combination of chemolithoautotrophic and heterotrophic probiotics - Paracoccus pantotrophus, Paracoccus denitrificans and Thiobacillus denitrificans and Bacillus sp.

Usage Recommendations
Aquaculture Feeds: 5-10 gm / kg feed
Aquaculture Ponds: 300 - 500 gm / Acre
Or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant

Presentation: 1.0 Kg.

Zootechnical Feed Additive for use in Aquaculture

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