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Biomineralization is the process by which mineral crystals are deposited in an organized fashion in the matrix (either cellular or extracellular) of living organisms” (Boskey, 1998).

A sufficient management of good quality water is essential to any aquaculture operation for better survival and growth of aquatic organisms. Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP) advices 'Cultivating water is must for aquaculture' and emphasizes the importance of water quality management in aquaculture. The factors controlling the composition of pond water are extremely varied and include physical, chemical and biological processes. To keep water properties within safe levels Neospark bringing a Multi-mineral formulation – PowerMin.

PowerMin is an effective solution for mineral imbalance in high density stocked ponds. PowerMin is the appropriate answer for mineral deficiency in feeds as well as in aquaculture ponds.

PowerMin is easily absorbed directly by shrimp and fish from the water across gills and other membranes. PowerMin is the perfect ingredients formulation for success of aquaculture operations.

PowerMin is:
To promote the development of plankton when applied during pond preparation.
To increases the natural feeding habits of the juvenile and makes them healthy.
To optimize the utilization of the dietary nutrients with less energy expended.
To prevent the imbalance of mineral ions in the water.
To helps in regular moulting and formation of exoskeleton in shrimp.
To helps in uniform growth in shrimp and fish.
To improve hormonal and enzymatic activities in shrimp and fish.
To enhance disease resistance and defense mechanism.
To regulate osmosis, nerve impulse transmission and muscular control.
To improve survival and growth.
To improve digestion and for better FCR.
To reduce the culture period.
To increase the production of shrimp and fish.
To decrease the cost of production.

Development of plankton when applied during pond preparation.
To improve hormonal and enzymatic activities in shrimp and fish.
Helps in regular moulting and formation of exoskeleton in shrimp.
Regulation of osmosis and muscular control.
Enhancement of disease resistance and defense mechanism.
Improvement in both survival and growth.
Improvement in digestion and for better FCR.
Helps in uniform growth in shrimp and fish.

The regular addition of PowerMin to the pond can sustain an autotrophic system.

PowerMin ensures development of perfect endo and exo-skeletal system of shrimp and fish due to the proper
     ratio of macro and micro minerals.

The available form of essential nutrients in PowerMin improves digestion, absorption that leading to faster
     growth rate and high weight gain.

The benefits of PowerMin includes: cell wall composition, cell reproduce, enzyme activity, phosphate
      transport, nitrogen metabolism, RNA production, cofactors in several enzyme systems, strengthens
      skeletal structures.

PowerMin helpful in osmoregulation and nutrient transfer to the cells, which  aid in the growth and
     development of shrimp and fish.

PowerMin provides essential amino acids – lysine and Methionine which help in protein synthesis thus
     achieving good flesh in shrimp and fish.

PowerMin maximizes the productivity by optimizing FCR.

Composition: Each Kg contains
PowerMin provides essential macro and micro minerals:
Calcium: 25.5%, Phosphorus: 12.75% , Magnesium: 6000 mg , Potassium: 100 mg, Sodium: 5.90 mg, Sulphur: 0.75%, Chloride: 22.87 gm, Manganese: 1500 mg, Copper: 1200 mg, Cobalt: 150 mg, Iron: 1500 mg, Zinc: 9600 mg, Iodine: 325 mg, Selenium: 10 mg, Molybdenum: 0.00125 mg, Aluminium: 1500 mg along with essential amino acids D.L. Methionine: 2.0 gm and L. Lysine Monohydrate: 5.0 gm.

Dosage and Application:
For use in aquaculture ponds:
During pond preparation: 20- 30 kg/ha.
During culture: 10-20 kg/ha once in every 15 days to provide a nutrient balance in pond water.

For use in Fish feeds:
10 kg/ton of feed or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

Presentation:10 kg HDPE Bag.

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