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In high density shrimp, prawn and fish aquaculture ponds produce large amounts of organic sludge waste at the bottom. This sludge waste settlement causes formation of toxic metabolites like hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitrite, methane etc. and leading to the decreased survival and increased mortality rates in aquaculture ponds.

SludgNil provides concentrated viable bacteria for sludge control and plankton stabilisation in aquaculture ponds.

SludgNil is capable of photo-organo-trophic growth by utilizing a variety of organic compounds, including all of the characteristic volatile organic compounds (VOC) responsible for bad odour, thereby eliminates bad smell in aquaculture ponds.

SludgNil is positively correlated with the concentration of sulfate in aquaculture ponds to eliminate the toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide. SludgNil is capable of fast degradation of the cellulose material present in the decaying organic matter of earthen ponds.

SludgNil improves the health, growth, and overall well being of cultivated aquatic organisms and is the ultimate water probiotic to nullify the major stress factors for the sustained growth of shrimp, prawn and fish in aquaculture ponds.Zooplankton enhancement.

Prevention of sludge formation.
Reduction of obnoxious Hydrogen Sulfide.
Reduction of BOD and COD.
Improvement in soil quality.
Reduction of bad odours.

Benefits of SludgNil
Breakdown of organic waste flocks.
Zooplankton enhancement.
Lessening of sludge build up.
Regulates the pH fluctuations.
Balancing and stabilising of existing algal blooms.
Accelerating breakdown of fragments of unused feed.
Improves water coloration there by improving water quality.
Very effective in reduction of sludge from the ponds.
Saves time and money in cleaning up at the end of harvest.
Eliminates malodour in the ponds as well as off-flavor.
Extremely easy to use and is effective even in high salinity.
Works in a high range of pH (5.5-9.5).
Reduces the need for water exchange.
Specific applications include the desulphurization.

Provides a blend of different probiotic strains of Rhodococcus SP., Rhodobacter SP., Bacillus sp., Cellulomonas sp., Aspergillus sp. and Pseudomonas sp.

Shrimp/Prawn/Fish ponds: 12-24 cakes/acre or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

40 gm x 24 cakes.

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