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To meet the expanding demand for quality aquatic food products, steps must be taken to ensure that aquaculture is both economically viable and have no effect on the environment. The recent research results seek to reduce waste loading in culture systems and to improve the quality yield.

Spark-PS is a proprietary blend of Bioactive friendly microbes formulated to minimize the nutrient loads in the culture systems, reduce production costs and without any environmental hazards.

Spark-PS secretes various hydrolytic enzymes and digest complex organic substances into CO2, water vapour and other volatile gases and thereby promote a healthy environment for Shrimp, Prawn and Fish, grown in fresh, brackish and marine waters by improving water quality.

Spark-PS provides concentrated viable bacteria for sludge control and plankton stabilisation in aquaculture ponds; aids in prevention of White Spot Virus, Yellow Head Virus and other viruses in aquaculture ponds; helps in prevention and treatment of Vibrio and other bacterial diseases in aquaculture.

Spark-PS has very high ability for Biodegradation and Mineralisation towards different contaminations is very high and works as a preventative strategy. Spark-PS should be used from the beginning of the crop cycle to achieve best results.

Spark-PS produce different types of enzymes, including high levels of intracellular enzyme malate dehydrogenase, to degrade heavy loads of organic waste developed at the pond bottom during the progress of crop.

Spark-PS is well suited for biocontrol of pathogenic microbes as well as toxic gases due to their capacity for long-term survival in soil and with their exceptional ability to degrade hydrophobic pollutants.

Spark-PS contains both Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) and Water Based Organisms (WBOs), and is well suited for all soil and water condition applications as they tolerate broad environmental stresses.

Spark-PS is capable of photo-organo-trophic growth on a variety of organic compounds, including all of the characteristic volatile organic compounds (VOC) responsible for the odour, thereby acting as Deodourant.

Spark-PS is positively correlated with the concentration of sulfate in aquaculture ponds to eliminate the toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and is capable of fast degradation of the Cellulose material present in the decaying organic matter of earthen ponds.

Spark-PS has capacity to stop the zoospore development of different fungi, which will have pathogenic effect on aquaculture organisms.

Spark-PS also control the turbidity by flocculation of fine mineral suspensions by certain microorganisms, while others can function as flotation collectors and hence improves the water clarity.

Spark-PS is characterized by great metabolic diversity and is able to utilize a wide range of carbon sources, including molecules which few other organisms can breakdown.

Consequently, the probiotics in Spark-PS are important organisms in biodegradation of organic waste in the earthen ponds and aquaculture tanks.

Spark-PS provides oxygenases which are found to be prominent in the oxidation of environmental chemicals, including aromatic hydrocarbons.

Spark-PS is able to biosynthesis alpha-amylase that is more thermally stable than the wild-type enzyme and is more effective in its performance to biodegrade organic waste compounds in the aquaculture ponds.

Spark-PS will inundate and multiplies in aquaculture water systems with beneficial microbes to improve water quality by consuming all the sludge at the pond bottoms and hatchery tank, to suppress the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and virus.

Nature of activities and ultimate benefits of Spark-PS
Breakdown of organic flocks.

Zooplankton enhancement.

Lessening of sludge build up.

Accelerating breakdown of dissolved protein and fragments of unused feed.

Direct inhibition of growth of pathogenic microbes including luminous and other Vibrio species.

Competition with dangerous microbes (bacteria, fungi) for food.

Balancing and stabilising of existing algal blooms.

Improves water coloration there by improving water quality.

Regulates pH fluctuations.

Reduces the need for water exchange, provided aeration is adequate.

Very effective in reduction of sludge from the ponds, saves time and money in cleaning up at the
     end of harvest, ultimately reducing environmental problems.

Eliminates malodour in the ponds as well as off-flavor from fish, prawn and shrimp.

Extremely easy to use and is a unique concentrated liquid probiotic and is effective even in high salinity.

Works in a high range of pH (5.5-9.5).

Specific applications include the desulphurization.

To keep health of culture organisms in aquaculture ponds the best point of attack is to reduce the accumulation of sludge. This is done by bioaugmentation of the existing microorganisms through regular addition of biological active friendly microbial cultures present in Spark-PS on a regular preventive maintenance schedule.

Spark-PS improves the health, growth, overall well being of cultivated aquatic organisms and is the
     ultimate water probiotic to nullify the major stress factors for the sustained growth of shrimp, prawn
     and fish in aquaculture ponds.

Spark-PS a versatile complex blend of different microbial strains of Rhodococcus terrae, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, Cellulomonas cartae and Bacillus sp.

Usage Instructions
Prawn/Shrimp pond: Spark-PS 2 to 3 lit./ha.
Fish Pond: Spark-PS 1.5 to 2 lit./ha.

For Prevention of Diseases
Apply Spark-PS once every fortnight according to water quality.
For Treating Diseases
Apply Spark-PS once every 3-5 days or as advised by Aquaculture consultant.

Application procedure
Add required quantity of Spark-PS in water outside the pond in a clean container and then spray uniformly
throughout the pond.

Presentation: Available in 1.0 lit and 5.0 lit

For Servicing Aquaculture Industry (Including Academic and Research Institutions, Universities etc.)

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