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Advanced Biomineralization Premix Formulation for High Bioavailability of Macro and Trace Minerals in Shrimp and Prawn

Minerals are essential constituents of all cells.

Minerals form the greater portion of the shell/ bones and are also essential components of the cuticle/soft tissues, muscles, nerve cells, enzymes, glandular secretions (i.e. hormones) and blood.

Minerals regulate the "excitability" of muscle and nerve tissues and are essential in maintaining proper osmotic pressure equilibrium.

StarShrimp: The ideal way to attain maximum "bioavailability” for better profitability.

Enhances Bioavailability of essential minerals:
StarShrimp provides essential macro and trace minerals in chelated form.

Organic trace mineral in the StarShrimp are in the form of a unique chelated crystalline complex in which a specific amino
     acid is used as a ligand.

This chelated form of StarShrimp is able to absorb minerals very well by the digestive system of Shrimp and Prawn.

StarShrimp is a product with unique chemistry; the complex mineral compound is capable of reaching growing shrimp and prawn
through another path way, giving the grower more MINERALS and VALUE for their money.

Chelation literally means, “bringing together”.
Bonding formed between a metal ion (mineral) and a ligand (amino acid chelating agent) carrier.
A Chelae (claw) is a ring structured compound, which is formed between organic molecules and metallic ion.

Advantages of Chelated Form:
Direct adsorption after ingestion - Saves energy.
Fastest way of trace mineral absorption.
No chemical reaction and precipitation.
Amino acid benefit for growth.
Low quantity required for use.
High efficiency.
Provides appropriate and effective macro and trace minerals.

StarShrimp Properties:
For better survival rate
For physiological balance
For high efficiency moulting frequency
For cuticle performance
For contributing the metabolism and other biochemical processes i.e. enzyme activity, electron transfer.
For better growth performance and quality yield.
StarShrimp reduces antagonistic interference.
The amino acid escorts the metal through the gut wall and into the blood stream.

StarShrimp corrects Organic Nutrient Deficiency providing all major macro and trace minerals to Shrimp and Prawn more efficiently which strengthening these culture organisms in aquaculture pond system against various stress factors.

Trace Mineral deficiencies
Beware of what's below the surface






Need for Bioavailable minerals when stress increases:
Heat and Humidity
Osmotic Balance
Acid-base balance
Tissue mineralization
Cuticle formation

Relationship of Immune System, Stress and Disease:
Stress Strategy:
The Role of StarShrimp on Moulting Frequency
Shrimp and Prawn need dietary sources of minerals for growth because of repeated moultings wherein minerals are lost. Moulting is the process by which the organism sheds its existing exoskeleton in order to grow larger. StarShrimp provides Chelated Minerals that keeps shrimp and prawn in healthy condition that leads to regular moulting.

Feeding of StarShrimp achieves better survival, moulting frequency and best growth performance with least Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in Shrimp and Prawn.

Essential Macro and Trace minerals in organic form.
Ca, P, K, Na, Cl, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, Co, Cu, Mn…in Chelated form which
binding with Amino Acids and with other growth promoters.

Administration and dosage
Shrimp and Prawn:

Normal condition: 10 gm per 1 kg feed.
1-2 days before and after moulting peak and

During stress recovery: 30 gm per 1 kg feed.

Presentation: 500 gm and 1.0 kg..

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