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Aquaculture ponds owing to their confined systems are prone to excess loads of ammonia. The buildup of ammonia in ponds causes stressfully toxic environments, low oxygen levels and off-tasting product. These unfavourable growing conditions, in turn, create high mortality rates and reduce commercial profitability. These problems can be controlled and higher yields will result by using TekTron-BT.

TekTron-BT provides highly specialized, naturally acclimated microorganisms that possess enhanced degradation capabilities. The synergistic blends of TekTron-BT microbes rapidly attack organic contaminants and offer superior assimilation of nutrients when compared with other augmented bacteria. TekTron-BT is made by the addition of highly fortified value added carriers which stimulate bacterial activity in less than optimal environments.

The bacteria culture used in TekTron-BT is aimed for application to specific organic problems and typically contains a number of species that have been selected and combined to degrade specific organic compounds or waste products in aquaculture pond system.

TekTron-BT works in the entire water column as well as bottom sludge to break down and digest these organic wastes.

In TekTron-BT, strains of probiotic bacteria work together - each producing the enzymes necessary to degrade specific components in the waste and their resulting intermediates until reaching non-harmful compounds such as water and carbon dioxide.

TekTron-BT can establish the pond water, a living system of biologically active eco-friendly microbial culture, enzymes, activators and accelerators to enable aquaculture ponds perform better. The TekTron-BT microbes populate the entire system, multiply and produce large quantities of digestive enzymes on an ongoing basis.

Source of Ammonia in Aquaculture ponds
The main source of ammonia in aquaculture ponds is simply through unconsumed feed, fecal matter, gill excretion, dead algae and diffusion from the pond sediments itself.

The TekTron-BT bacterial cultures will help break down ammonia to form nitrate and nitrites which are then reduced to nitrogen gas. Similarly the nitrate-rich manure and uneaten food in the pond are broken down to non-hazardous materials. Unless treated with TekTron-BT, all the waste materials form oxygen-depleting bottom sludge.


The Mineralisation Process in Aquaculure Ponds

In aquaculture ponds, a mechanism of “Mineralisation Process” helps to eliminate protenaceous wastes, carbonaceous waste, ammonia, nitrite and other toxic gases.

Mineralisation is the biological process where organic compounds in organic matter are chemically converted by the microorganisms in soil to simpler organic compounds or mineralised nutrients. Bacteria and fungi are responsible for most of the mineralisation of organic matter in soils. Microorganisms release enzymes that oxidise the organic compounds in organic matter. The oxidation reaction releases energy and carbon, which micro-organisms need to live. The final end product of mineralisation is nutrients in the mineral form. Phytoplankton requires nutrients to be in mineral form to take them up from soil. Therefore all waste nutrients in organic matter of aquaculture ponds must undergo mineralisation before they can be used by again by living organisms.

TekTron-BT is a completely natural and eco-friendly microbial blend for enhanced Mineralisation process for maintaining proper pond chemistry and environments for shrimp and fish aquaculture operations.

Below is a list of problems typically experienced by aquaculture producers that are beneficially affected by TekTron-BT

TekTron-BT is generally recognised as safe product (GRAS) produced under rigorous quality control standards and is completely safe for the shrimp, prawn and fish.

Benefits of TekTron-BT:
Digests organic waste and get converts into micronutrients.
Eliminates sludge and obnoxious gases.
Controls harmful blue green algae by utilizing extra phosphorous.
Prevents bad odour and off-flavour of harvests.
Controls the growth of unwanted and pathogenic forms of microbes.
Enhances ideal phytoplankton bloom.
Eliminates NH3, H2S, NO2 and other toxic gases.
Maintains optimal pH of water.
Enriched with required nutrition to water and soil.
Eco-friendly formulation and easy to apply.

TekTron-BT provides a unique Bio-Floc of Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Lactobacillus helveticus, lactobacillus lactic, Nitrosomonas spp., Nitrobacter Spp., Pseudomonas denitrificans, Alcaligenes denitrificans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae in high density along with Oligonutrients - SiO2, MgO, P2O5, FeSO4, CuSO4 MnSO4, CaO, V2O3, CoSO4.

Dosage and Administration
To maintain appropriate plankton blooms and minimize organic loads, a dosage quantity of 50-275 kg/Acre of TekTron-BT in spilt dosages of one application per month would be required depending on the stocking density or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

TekTron-BT is very easy to apply and could be applied direct to the aquaculture pond.

Presentation: 5.0 kg.

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