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TriQuat is a complete, chemically balanced biodegradable, disinfectant and deodorizer providing clear use solutions. It effectively kills bacteria, molds and viruses that affect animal health resulting. TriQuat retains disinfectant activity in the presence of 5% organic soil loads and 400 ppm hard water.

Provides broad spectrum kill of bacteria, molds and viruses
A safe disinfectant for use in presence of birds, particularly where all-in-all out system is not indicated.
Presence of TBTO provides effective antifungal activity
Leaves long lasting residual action on treated surfaces
Odorless, non-volatile
Safe to use on all surfaces not harmed by water
Does not bleach or stain skin, clothing or treated surfaces
Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors, alkalinity boosters, chelants and penetrants
Good biodegradability
Special formulation that helps prevent nozzle blockages (arising due to hard water)

A powerful formulation exploiting the synergy of Didecyl dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Benzalkonium Chloride Solution, Tributyltin oxide (TBTO) combined with rust and corrosion inhibitors, alkalinity boosters, chelants and penetrants.

For Disinfection of Pre-cleaned Surfaces
Apply TriQuat @ 4 ml per liter of water to pre-cleaned surfaces using a coarse spray or with a clean mop/cloth/foaming apparatus. Surfaces include hatchers, setters, trays, racks, egg flats, walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces in the hatchery environment. It is also excellent for chick boxes, egg cases, vans and trash containers. Thoroughly wet surfaces and allow surfaces to remain moist for 10 minutes. Do not rinse. Leave treatment on treated surfaces to maintain a bacteriostatic effect on moist surfaces.

General Farm Disinfectant
Remove all poultry, litter, etc. and empty all feeding devices and watering appliances. Thoroughly clean the sheds and premises using a detergent. Saturate all surfaces with TriQuat @ 4 ml per liter of water. Treated surfaces must remain moist for at least 10 minutes for proper germicidal action. Ventilate buildings, trucks, coops and other closed spaces. Do not house livestock or use equipment until treatment has thoroughly dried. Feeding and watering appliances should be thoroughly washed before use.

Disinfecting Poultry Houses using Fogger
After the house has been depopulated and thoroughly cleaned, close all windows, doors, curtains etc. Mix one (1) part TriQuat with two (2) part water in the reservoir of the Fogger. With the setting on maximum output, fog the treatment into the room or building to be sanitized. Use a total of 4 liters of TriQuat for each 6000-8000 square feet of floor space. After fogging, the building should be kept closed for twenty four hours. After twenty-four hours, the fog should have settled and the house can now be opened and aired. The house should be opened for a minimum of twenty-four hours before it is repopulated with poultry or livestock.

Disinfecting Hatchery Rooms
Prerequisite for effective fogging is a closed room. Mix one (1) part TriQuat to five (5) parts water. Insert the nozzle of the fogger through a suitable opening into the room. With the setting on maximum output, fog for one (1) minute for each 400 cubic feet of space in the room. Do not allow people to breathe or contact the fog or to enter the room until the fog has completely settled or exhausted.

Sanitizing Incubators and Hatchers by Fogging
Prepare a stock solution of 50 ml TriQuat to 1 liter of water. Fog 90-235 ml of this into setters and hatchers immediately after transfer. Repeat daily in setters and every 12 hours in hatchers. Discontinue hatcher treatments approximately 24 hours before pulling the hatch. Do not allow people to contact or breathe this fog and do not enter machines until the fog has settled (30-60 minutes after fogging is completed). It is also satisfactory to fog setters and hatchers with 4 ml/liter solution of TriQuat. If this is done, fog for 30-90 seconds once every 1 2 hrs.

Disinfecting Chick Vans, Egg Trucks, Hatchery and Farm Vehicles
Clean and rinse vehicles and disinfect with 4 ml of TriQuat per liter of water. If desired, rinse after 10 minutes of contact or leave unrinsed.

Boot Bath
Use 8 ml per liter of water in boot baths. Change solution daily or when visibly soiled. Use a nylon bristled brush to clean soils from boots.

Presentation: 500ml, 1.0 liter and 5.0 liters
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