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Bio-availability of trace elements

Trace minerals being part of several enzymes and hormones have diverse roles in the body. Chelation is an effective tool not only to enhance absorption and utilization of these minerals, but also to avoid unwanted mineral interaction. Chelation is nothing but presenting these minerals by binding with amino acids like MHA.

In most cases, the trace element is not present as the element alone, but instead is present in various combined forms, and these in turn may be changed in the digestive tract. It is obvious that if a feedstuff is poorly digested, many of the nutrients that it contains will be carried through the digestive tract and excreted. Thus, a good source of trace elements fortification is most essential for Poultry and Livestock.

Protected Minerals:
  • Ultra-TM Plus Liquid Concentrate offers high percentage of elemental minerals.
  • Organic minerals in Ultra-TM Plus Liquid Concentrate are bound to amino acids hence there is a greater degree of mineral absorption and utilization than inorganic minerals.
  • Unique hydrolyzing process used in Ultra-TM Plus Liquid Concentrate closely duplicates the chelation during digestion and hence better bio-availability of minerals.
  • Special shielding of minerals in Ultra-TM Plus Liquid Concentrate by amino acids prevents oxidation reduction which otherwise affects the quality of minerals.

Methionine Activity (Methyl Hydroxy Analogue)

Methionine Activity (Methyl Hydroxy Analogue) is a natural precursor of methionine in the body, which provides added advantages:

  • MHA is absorbed throughout the gut as compared to the DLM, which is absorbed mainly in the ileum.
  • Absorption of MHA is a passive process and hence is unaffected during stress e.g. Summer stress.
  • MHA gets converted faster to L-Methionine, which is utilized in the body.
  • MHA protects & carries trace minerals for effective absorption and utilization.
  • MHA (Methionine Activity) in Ultra-TM Plus Liquid Concentrate is an ideal methionine source for poultry because of its complete absorption from intestine.
  • To improve growth and body weight.
  • Improves egg production.
  • To improve the quality of eggs especially misshaped eggs in peak laying period.
  • To make up mineral deficiency.
  • To make up the requirement of amino acids.
  • To overcome stress including heat stress.


Each 500 ml contains:
Magnesium 616.21 mg
Zinc 221.34 mg
Ferrous (Iron) 230.16 mg
Copper 163.25 mg
Cobalt 212.95 mg
Manganese 395.12 mg
Sodium 482.00 mg
Phosphorus 158.40 mg
MHA (Methionine Activity) 130.30 gm
Choline Chloride 63.125 gm
Lysine Hydrochloride 63.125 gm

Layers : 10 to 20 ml / 100 birds through water.

Broilers : 5 to 10 ml / 100 birds through water.

Presentation: 500 ml, 1.0 lit and 5.0 lit.

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