Large Animals

Man has been dependent on animals for his food, clothing and companionship since time immemorial. With the evolutionary changes and civilization, man also upgraded the animals by selective breeding to meet the increased demand and requirement. India is blessed with a rich resource of animal wealth and is viewed as the “Food Basket of the World”. India stands first in Milk Production and in meat production, accounts for 3% of world meat production.

The Dairy sector of India has shown a remarkable development in the last few years and the current focus, whether small farms or large ventures is to increase the Productivity of Individual Animals. Neospark has a good range of innovative formulations to meet the requirement of animals at different stages of life.

Large Animals

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Veterinary Pharmaceutical Formulations are unique combinations of substances that are used or intended to be used to modify or explore physiological systems or pathological states for the benefit of the recipient.

Neospark has an extensive range of drug formulations like Antibiotics, Antimicrobials, Anthelmintics and other Veterinary pharmaceutical specialities as Oral Powders, Oral Liquids and Injectables.

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