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Who we are?

Neospark is a leading manufacturer of wide range of animal health and aquaculture products. Neospark is a technology-based enterprise, where tradition mixes well with courageous entrepreneurship. Neospark is committed to uphold health and productivity in livestock, poultry and aquaculture. At Neospark, emphasis is in research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative value-added products and services of highest quality.

Neospark researches, develops, manufactures and markets a specialized product package for both Animal Health and Aquaculture; in particular Drug Formulations, Feed Supplements, Premixes, Biotechnology Formulations, Toxin binders and Toxin control products, and wide range of Biosecurity Formulations.


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Large Animal

Advances in animal husbandry have touched and transformed the lives of the largest number of people, mainly downtrodden, in India. The research in this field has …


Aquaculture is concerned with the propagation and rearing of aquatic organisms under complete human control involving manipulation of atleast one stage …

35+ Years of Success

It started with Four men who had a dream. From the moment Neospark was born on 1989, ingenuity has been a driving force behind our success.


Neospark grew up with a strong heritage as a research-based company. Neospark travels with updated knowledge as the future is becoming increasingly research driven to meet the needs of healthcare of livestock and aquaculture industry.

Neospark recognizes the reality of the fast changing world of today, the challenges it faces and with a staunch belief that the only guarantee of success is to offer Value through Innovation coupled high quality products and services.

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