Special Triple Action disinfectant Bactericide - Virucide - Fungicide

Good Management, Biosecurity and Vaccination are the key parameters for sound performance of a flock. Keeping a disease out of the flock is always better than to manage a disease outbreak, which is never completely possible and at the same time leads to huge irreparable losses. The primary focus of the farmer is always on more production with expectation for more&.more&and more.

In this situation, the bird invariably is under stress which makes it easily susceptible to contract and spread diseases, especially the viral diseases, which are the most rampant with severe losses. The only possible method that can be adopted is to provide an environment, free of microbial contamination thus avoiding diseases in the herd. The major routes of contracting disease are through feed, water, air and contact, which if could be checked can prevent dreadful diseases and thus maintain a healthy herd.

Aldehydes— Glutaraldehyde and Formaldehyde have a wide range of antimicrobial activity against bacteria, their spores, both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, fungi and protozoa. Quaternary ammonium compound — Benzalkonium chloride is least toxic, less corrosive and known for their excellent surfactant activity which makes them bactericidal, virucidal (enveloped viruses) and fungicidal in a formulation. Aldehydes and Quaternary ammonium compounds together make an excellent synergistic disinfectant that checks all possible pathogenic microbes affecting bird′s health.

Keeping this synergy in view, an excellent formulation “BioKleen” has been evolved which is a potent blend of benzalkonium chloride and aldehydes, featuring an excellent broad spectrum disinfectant property with its proven effectiveness against bacteria, their spores, virus, fungi and protozoa, thereby defending poultry health.

Benzalkonium Chloride, Glutaraldehyde, Formaldehyde

Mode of action
The unique formula of “BioKleen” permeates and alters the structure of the cell membrane, allowing itself to “drive inside” the cell to destroy the microorganism. The high cationic surfactant activity of Benzalkonium chloride (lipophilic) damages the cell membrane of the micro organism and alters the membrane permeability leading to leakage of the vital cellular components. Following disruption of cell membrane, formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde (which are hydrophilic) gain entry into the cell and causes irreversible destruction of cytoplasmic organelles and finally kills the cell.

Special Features

  • Can be used at low concentrations
  • Absence of development of resistance by microbes
  • Non toxic to animals at user dilutions. It can be sprayed in the air, on walls and floors in the presence of poultry
  • Non-corrosive, non-staining, odorless at user dilutions and easily miscible with water
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter
  • Temperature resistant
  • Possesses residual activity
  • Cost effective

Each 100 ml of contains:
Benzalkonium Chloride Solution I.P. 5 ml
Strong Glutaraldehyde Solution B.P. 7.5 ml
Formaldehyde Solution I.P. 7.5 ml
Excipients Q.S.

Spectrum of activity
Wide antimicrobial spectrum - effective against major bacteria, their spores, virus, fungi and protozoa affecting bird′s health.

Directions for Use:
Empty sheds: Remove all fixtures from the shed. Scrub walls, floor and roof. Dilute 40 ml of BioKleen per liter of water. Spray roof, then walls and finally floor. Allow shed to dry.

Sheds with poultry: 4 ml per liter of water. Spray in air towards ceiling once or twice a week.

Metal equipment: 10 ml per liter of water. Soak the instruments for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Plastic equipment: 20 ml per liter of water. Soak the equipment for 2 hours.

Feed rooms, stores: 20 ml per liter of water. Apply as a spray to check aerial contamination.

Foot baths: 10 ml per liter of water that checks possible contaminations by staff, visitors and vehicles.

Presentation: 500 ml, 1.0 liter and 5.0 liters


  • Avoid contamination of feed or water.
  • Do not house poultry or other equipment until the treatment has been set, absorbed or dried.
  • While spraying in presence of birds do not spray directly on to the birds.
  • Do not contaminate feed or water. Keep away from children.

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