Heavy Duty Universal Biocide

ChloraSan-T is a powder containing Chloramine-T (Sodium-N-Chloro-Para- Toluene Sulfonamide) which is a broad spectrum, fast acting ideal disinfectant for use in various poultry and livestock operations.

Features of ChloraSan-T

  • Extremely powerful disinfectant
  • Fast acting
  • Effective against all known virus, bacteria and fungi
  • Active even at low concentrations
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Inertness towards equipments
  • Highly biodegradable
  • No development of resistance
  • Mode of Action
    ChloraSan-T powder ionizes when dissolved in water and gives rise to Chloramine-T ion which reacts with any organic material, quickly destroying micro-organisms by oxidising their cell contents. Chloramine-T acts by way of oxidation and hence microbes never build resistance to it. Chloramine-T ion is highly stable which is responsible for its biocidal activity for considerable long period of time.

    Spectrum of activity
    In solution ionizes to form the active Chloramine-T ion. Pathogens are rapidly destroyed by irreversible oxidation of cell contents. ChloraSan-T is effective against 94 species of bacteria, 49 species of virus, 22 species of fungi, 6 species of algae, 4 species of yeast and parasites that affect animal health.

    Usage in Poultry Operations:

    Spraying in presence of birds for routine disinfection.3 g / lit
    Spraying in presence of birds during disease outbreaks5 g / lit
    Terminal disinfection5-10 g /lit
    Spraying in presence of birds during severe viral infection (IBD)50 g / lit
    Disinfection of equipment5-10 g / lit
    Sanitation of hatching eggs5 g / lit

    Presentation: 100 gm and 500 gm

    Avoid contact of powder with skin, eyes or the respiratory system. Handle in such a way as to minimize dust release.

    Do not mix with other chemicals. In case of skin/eye contact flush immediately with plenty of water. Seek medical advice.

    Store in tightly closed containers in a cool dry place away from children. Sweep up powder spillage. Flush residual powder away with plenty of water.

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