Feed Supplement for Cattle, Buffaloes, Sheep and Goat

Premium Blend Organic Trace Minerals&.

For Improved Fertility and Productivity in Ruminants


Each 10 ml contains
Copper15000 mcg
Cobalt9000 mcg
Zinc15000 mcg
Iron10000 mcg
Iodine3600 mcg
Selenium6000 mcg


  • Maximum bioavailability of minerals
  • Improves conception and calving rate in cattle
  • Increases tupping and lambing percentage in sheep
  • Healthy offspring
  • Improves milk production in cattle and wool production in sheep

Administration and Dosage:
For oral use only. Shake the container well before use.

Cattle, Buffaloes and Camels:
15-30 ml administered as a drench.

Calves, Sheep and Goat:
5-10 ml administered as a drench.

As a Supportive:
Administered orally for 3-5 days immediately after anthelmintic therapy to enhance the productivity in Cattle, Buffaloes, Calves, Sheep and Goat.

Regular Usage:
In conditions like depressed growth, rough hair coat, change of wool colour, nervous disorder (Sway back), low fertility, skin lesions (Parakeratosis), reduced appetite MicroPower is administered orally for 3-4 weeks daily or as advised by Veterinarian.

In sheep, levels of copper in liver are variable. Hence there is a risk of copper poisoning following overdosage in sheep.

Presentation: 250 ml and 1 litre

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