Unique binding agent for use along with pellet feeds in Aquaculture

Scientific feeding of shrimp through pellet feed is a part of Aquaculture. The shrimp's survival rate, growth rate, FCR values are to a great extent dependent on good feed and proper water management. Daily monitoring of pH, salinity, temperature, dissolved Oxygen content and adjustments to optimum levels are important factors in water management. These parameters greatly help shrimp farmers to achieve maximum production. Whenever there is a need, the feed is to be supplemented with different feed additives in powder form to achieve desirable results in culture.

NutriGel-P is the most advanced formulation for use as a binding agent to pelleted feeds.

NutriGel-P-FS is an excellent binding agent to use feed additives in powder form, for supplementation along with pelleted feeds to achieve growth promotion, higher efficiency in F.C.R, and to prevent stress and disease in Aquaculture.

NutriGel-P provides necessary binding for the supplemented feed additives preventing any wastage or leaching of active ingredients.

NutriGel-P as a binder has excellent water stability and ensures efficient feed consumption and reduces feed wastage.

NutriGel-P produced after extensive research and field trials under strict quality control has excellent stability in water by not polluting the water quality or aggravating the pond bottom.

NutriGel-P has attractive taste, flavour and palatability, so that the pelleted feed can be consumed quickly with minimum loss of nutrients.

NutriGel-P used along with the pelleted feed keeps good pond water quality and ensures most efficient growth of prawn without any diseases.

Usage Indications:
NutriGel-P is applied on feed pellets along with feed additives, shade dry and broadcast. 20 to 30 ml of NutriGel-P is advocated per kg of pellet feed or as advised by aquaculture consultant.

Presentation : 500 ml and 1.0 lit.

For use in Aquaculture Industry (Including Academic and Research Institutions & Universities etc)

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