Technological Additive for improved growth of Shrimp, Prawn and fish in Aquaculture ponds
The growth and yield of Shrimp, Prawn and Fish depend largely on the favourable water quality characteristic in aquaculture ponds. Periodic water quality monitoring together with appropriate measures to control or prevent quality deterioration should become integral part of the shrimp farming programme.

In Shrimp farming systems, excess feed, fecal matter and sudden increase or decrease in algal and microbial populations may cause drastic changes in water quality parameters. Apart from these physicochemical parameters such as salinity, pH, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide does play a vital role in the survival and growth of Shrimp, prawn and Fish.

Poor water quality and lack of proper management will cause severe water quality problems by building up of toxic ammonia, nitrate, hydrogen sulphide and increased oxygen demand, thereby inducing stress in shrimp and fish and predisposing them to pathogenic infections.

Active Silicon and Aluminium are the main components of UltraSil-Aqua and are very powerful substances for physical control of toxins like ammonia, nitrite and hydrogen sulphide.

UltraSil-Aqua purifies water and improves dissolved oxygen content of water.

UltraSil-Aqua absorbs Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide and other poisonous gases, thereby achieving improved feed efficiency in Shrimp, Prawn and Fish.

The powdered form of UltraSil-Aqua provides a vast surface area for absorption and makes the habitat of Shrimp, Prawn and Fish clean and healthy.


  • Better survival rate of shrimp and fish
  • Improved feed intake of shrimp and fish
  • Good growth rate of shrimp and fish

Multi minerals of Hydrated Sodium Allumino Silicates.

Usage Instructions:
Aquaculture Feed Application: 5 kg to 10 kg per 1.0 ton of feed
Aquaculture Pond Application: 10 kg to 40 kg per Acre or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

Presentation: 25.0 Kg.

For Servicing Aquaculture Industry (Including Academic and Research Institutions, Universities etc.)

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